Marc Pradervand 

Poor Spiritual Food

"Marc Pradervand's crude, atavistic, psychosexual painting has all the vicious porno angst of Bitterkomix. Experiencing his exhibition is like taking a trip to Walter Battiss' mythical Fook Island only to find its friendly inhabitants have been warped by a stoned Aboriginal shaman into a tortured bestiary." Michael Schmidt, author of Drinking with Ghosts: the Aftermath of Apartheid's Dirty War

"Pradervand wields a paintbrush with the cutting determination of a poacher wielding an AK 47. His work confronts, challenges and disturbs in equal measure." - Julian Rademeyer, author of Killing for Profit.

"Marc Pradervand has an amazing ability to shock and offend. In our mollycoddled society we need more people like him. His current body of work is another vibrant assault on the complacent convention. More power to his arm!" - Hagen Engler
"I have seen nothing in South African painting quite like the works of the reclusive art-savage Marc Pradervand. They are uniquely South African, often inspired by unsetteling South African occurrences of the sort that most visual artists shy away from. They are not so much a breath of fresh air as a blast of cold, brutal reality." - Tim Hopwood

Yellow Horn And Unhappy Porn
Something To Do With Rio
Sugar, Sugar, Sugar
Bright New Morning
Uit Die Blou - Portrait Of Oubaas Steve Hofmeyr
Saint Nelson
Pray For Rain And A Little Pain
First Night Out
Alien Invasion And The Unborn Settler
Painting With No Name
A Very Good Girl
True Love
Flight Of The Lightning Bird
Talking Heads
The Scream
Black Star Porn

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