Wilhelm Saayman 

This Disguise

In continuing his exploration of painting, Wilhelm Saayman returns to utilizing a vivid colour palette and expressionism, combined with figurative and symbolic elements to present a body of work that asks questions regarding chance and the artist’s projected persona. Are these paintings an embodiment of theperson that creates them? Or are they merely a front? A disguise for the artist to project into the world? And what role does luck play? Or is it all just work and no play?

The Washing Of The Feet
Everything He Created In His Image
Ushering The End
The Golden Years
Nothing Like A Vision
Put On My Happy Face
Stars Come And Go
Fear Drives All Placebo
Friendly Fire
Hall of Mirrors
A Little Schadenfreude Goes A Long Way
A Little Luck Goes A Long Way
They Called Him The Clown
We've Come To Get What's Ours
Random Doubt Generator
Invisible To The Naked Eye
Our Dreams Live On Regardless
If I Had To Wait For You
Yeah, I Take Those Pills
These Thoughts Will Be The End Of Me
Suddenly There's Fifty Three Years
My Sorrow Is A Bird Staring
I Seen Hell
No Free Rides
If You're Lucky It'll Be A While Yet
He Just Seemed So Normal
What's Luck Got To Do With It?
Would've Found Out Sooner Or Later
Keep Your Enemies Closer
Old Western
Death Remains Constant
Perfect Life is a Distant Cloud
Please Take Your Blinkers Off
It Falls Out This Way
Ashes To Ashes

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